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Any File Size, Any Country, or Any Report
eTaxEcho is Designed with the User in Mind and with a Global Perspective

eTaxEcho is more than a syntax comparison tool. eTaxEcho’s Reports can turn XMLs and XSDs into familiar spreadsheet-style reports, locate and describe errors, export data for further analysis, and more. eTaxEcho features provide easy review and give peace of mind knowing the XML is ready for submission to the government. 

  • Confirmation that the XML technically complies with the XSD​

  • ​Error Reports with explanations and ability to locate each syntax error in the XML​

  • Versatile export, print and display options​​

  • Historical Log of previous XML files verified​

  • Multiple or Single User 

  • Any File Size, Any Country, Any Report​​

  • Reports with the ability to view, filter, and export large data sets​

  • Any XSD can be specified for comparison​

  • Standard provided XSDs have enhanced reporting capabilities​

  • Helpful technical and functional displays of the XML and XSD are provided as standard

  • Runs multiple Jobs simultaneously​

  • ​Rapid processing of large data sets with a minimum of computing resources​

  • All without tying up your machine's memory!


  • Authorization to processed data files can be restricted by user, companies, countries, report type, and report​

  • Two-step verification sign-on to protect sensitive data​

  • Reads, but does not store or retain your XML files​

  • Tested by IT security experts to keep your data secure

The Complicated World of XML and XSD: Simplified.

​Many tax authorities around the world require XML file (eXtensible Markup Language) using XML Schema Definition (XSD) industry standards.  Generally, the Standard Audit Files for Tax (SAF-T) data and formatting guidelines set by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are followed. However, each government can impose their own requirements. eTaxEcho is not limited - any XML file for which an XSD is available can use eTaxEcho to verify the technical accuracy of the XML file. eTaxEcho is an XML to XSD syntax comparison solution for mandatory tax filings and audit files. Before the taxpayer submits an XML file, eTaxEcho compares the XML file contents to the XSD, ensuring the XML file technically complies with the tax authorities’ requirements. eTaxEcho also enables Analysts to display both the XML and XSD files in user-friendly formats. Additionally, the data contents of each file are exportable as CSV text files, enabling further analysis by third party spreadsheet and database applications.


​Sound complicated? You are not alone. The long and short of it is, Taxpayers need a way to easily provide a valid XML file that contains the appropriate information as required by the governments in the many countries in which they operate. eTaxEcho transcends borders and does that! ​​


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