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Are you a large multinational corporation looking to retain vital SAP data to meet your organization’s legal obligation to support tax audits?  Do you need to decommission an SAP ECC Instance?  Or are you looking to upgrade to S/4 Hana and mitigate the implementation risks by using a trusted advisor? 

eTaxSolutions Knows DaRT 

​With over 20 years of SAP Data Retention Tool [DaRT] experience, Enterprise Tax Solutions assists global Corporate Tax departments. Closing the gap between standard DaRT content and functionality by analyzing, configuring, and programming SAP is what we do best! Rest assured that essential data which is, or may become, material to supporting a tax return is extracted, retained, and verified to the source system.  

Do you struggle to get it all done during normal business hours? No worries. Not only does Enterprise Tax Solutions offer DaRT implementation services, but we also provide ongoing production support. The hard part of responding to most tax authorities’ requests for information is knowing the SAP data and the data contained in the DaRT Extract Files. We’ve got this! 

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In fact, the ASUG special topic group “Electronic Data Retention and US Tax Reporting” was chaired by Enterprise Tax Solutions' CEO and Founder, Tina McCormick! As a result, we pride ourselves in being global DaRT experts with a wealth of knowledge from the very beginning - since 1998!  


DaRT is a core module of SAP influenced by the Americas’ SAP User Group [ASUG] who helped define functional tax requirements.  Learn more  about the SAP Data Retention Tool. 

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