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Tina McCormick and Adrienne McCormick at the 2020 50 Companies to Watch Gala


Our Story

SAP  has been very successful at automating and collecting the necessary transaction data needed to support tax compliance and audits. However, to unleash the full potential, expert knowledge of the highly integrated SAP database is necessary.  Our focus is on techniques, tools and resources to make tax data more readily available. We understand not only Tax, but also the SAP data dictionary, relationships between tables, programs, and specialize in the SAP core tax audit module - the SAP Data Retention Tool (DaRT).

Enterprise Tax Solutions, Inc. is a global tax technology company specializing in SAP solutions for Tax, including implementations of the Data Retention Tool (DaRT), Standard Audit Files for Tax (SAF-T), Tax Data Warehousing, and implementing SAP from a Tax perspective.  We have been consulting since 1999 for large multi-national corporations.

​Our CEO and founder, Tina McCormick, formed and chaired the ASUG Tax Interest Group.  She also chaired the Electronic Data Retention and US Tax Reporting group that collaborated with SAP to define the tax user requirements for the Data Retention Tool (DaRT). 

The eTaxSolutions' team has developed tools to expedite the implementation of DaRT, including custom validation programs that verifies extract file segments in compliance with IRS Revenue Procedure 98-25.  We have also developed utilities which assist in the scheduling of DaRT jobs and documenting the data contained in the extract files.

Focused On You

​The work by Global Tax Technology professionals adds a huge amount of value to the organization.  With better information, there can be more strategic tax planning, reduced costs and efforts, and mitigated audit risks.

However, there never seems to be enough time, money, or resources to realize your vision.  An experienced Tax Technology consulting firm like eTaxSolutions’ gives you a broader range of options by providing qualified resources to help develop stable long-lived solutions.


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